Stay Gold: Another Floral Drinking Den From The Up & Up Guys

Like The Up & Up, Only Bigger. With Frozen Drinks, Too.

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

We've always appreciated The Up & Up for providing a place of refuge from an otherwise pretty intolerable stretch of MacDougal Street.

And we will now appreciate The Up & Up guys for providing a place of refuge from this otherwise quite boring stretch of Kips Bay.

It's called Stay Gold, and it's also a floral den for dates and classic cocktails, but with some new draws and way more space. You can check it out here, and you can visit it as soon as this very night.

We're immensely hung over right now, and we'll assume you are too, so we'll keep this short and to the point. Come here if you're in the area with a few friends. The drinks are solid, and you'll recognize some of the menu from downtown. Order a frozen bourbon mule, a Screen Door Slam (Maker’s, Aperol, honey, vanilla, absinthe) or an Insanely Good Gin & Tonic and head to the back room—a bit more of a lounge-y vibe back there than up front at the antique bar. Snacks here include a burger, a grilled cheese, something involving caviar called Fancy Triscuits. 

Right, and if it's not a sauna outside, they've got a backyard, too.

That's just about all we've got for you today. Be safe out there. 

Ilana Dadras

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