New York's Seven Best Fireworks Barges, Bars and Rooftops

The Ones With Sweeping Views, Seafood Towers and Open Margarita Bars

By Ilana Dadras ·

Let's hear it for America!

*Crickets* *Pin drops* *Man coughs, awkwardly, in the distance*

Okay, fair.

Let's hear it for open margarita bars, endless oysters and unobstructed views of pretty explosions in the sky!

The type of things you'll find inside our guide to New York's Seven Best Fireworks Barges, Bars and Rooftops, a little something we put together to aid you in your quest to drink, dance and eat barbecued meats tomorrow.

We'll see you in there.

Ilana Dadras

Ilana Dadras passes her days writing about good food, talking about good food and consuming good food. Occasionally doing other things, too.

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