Your Independence Day Weekend Sales Report Card

Days Off Are Coming, So Sales Are Too.

By Geoff Rynex ·

If it’s a holiday in the summertime, it must mean UrbanDaddy is here to guide you to through the sales that holiday brings along with it. Here then, are the five Independence Day week/end sales we’ll personally be heading to shortly before publishing this, so as to beat you to the best deals…

The Sale: Up to 70% off things you’re going to wear for the next several months at Todd Snyder.
The Discount: A
The Selection: A
The Steal: Cotton Silk Ribbed Knit Polo

The Sale: Need Supply’s got up to 60% off most of their spring/summer stock.
The Discount: B+
The Selection: A
The Steal: Aprix Suede Canvas Low Sneaker

The Sale: Cool-kid LA up-and-comers Bristol Studios are doing 20% off with code BRSTL20-1.
The Discount: C
The Selection: C
The Steal: Tito Shirt

The Sale: Luisa Via Roma is granting us Americans a reprieve with up to 60% off their massive collection of global designers.
The Discount: B+
The Selection: A
The Steal: Lardini Linen Blend Prince of Wales Jacket

The Sale: You can get a quarter off Southern gentlemanliness at Sid Mashburn.
The Discount: C
The Selection: A (and it’s all delightfully color-coded on the page)
The Steal: Aspesi Luigi Rugby Polo

Geoff Rynex

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