Grimm Ales Is Williamsburg's Newest Brewery and Tap Room, and It Is Beautiful

For Oak-Aged Sours, Chicken Shawarma Melts and a Real California-in-the-'70s Feel

By Ilana Dadras ·

There is a time and place for patio beers, backyard happy hours and dining with your friend Al Fresco.

And it's sure as hell not Brooklyn on a 95-degree Saturday afternoon. 

That time and place, we'd recommend hiding at home in your AC—or heading to attractive new places to drink award-winning beer in massive, airy warehouses that feel nice and summer-y without feeling too nice and summer-y.

Places like Grimm Artisanal Ales Brewery, a gorgeous 7,500-square-foot space for beer-lovers and the beer-curious, opening tomorrow in Williamsburg.

It's the first permanent space from "gypsy brewers" Lauren and Joe Grimm, which does not mean they live a nomadic lifestyle fueled by trade and fortune telling, but rather, that they've been using other breweries to create their craft beers for some time now—beer that's gained them a cult following, numerous accolades and typically sells out on release day. 

Here, they've designed a very sleek, California-feeling brewery and taproom for you to drink just-canned Grimm IPA at the peak of its flavor, try one of their ten-plus beers on draft or go for an oak-aged sour, which are known for being difficult, but apparently these guys have got a good handle on the process. To nosh, they've tapped local Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant Samesa for things like chicken Schwarma melts and pumpernickel pita flanked by rotating seasonal dips, some made with Grimm beer. 

And for the highly enthusiastic among us, know that they'll be releasing new beers each Saturday at 10am. 

Your photos, right through here.

Grimm Artisanal Ales Brewery, opening tomorrow, 990 Metropolitan Ave (at Morgan Ave), see the slideshow

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