Your Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

Single-Malt Cheese, Steak Flights and Hand-Forged Blades

By Hadley Tomicki ·

You’re yet to buy a Father’s Day present. Take a breath and be easy. We’ve got you covered with some last-minute items your dad will flip for. And if for some reason you can’t scoop something up by Sunday, no worries. They’re all great gifts. So all you need to do is print out a picture of the thing, put it in your card and give it to your dad with the promise it will arrive soon. He loves you no matter what, sport.

Murray’s has a limited supply of its special sheep’s milk cheese washed in Macallan single-malt Scotch. You can have it shipped to Dad directly or pick it up yourself if you’re in New York and feel like you can trust yourself until Sunday. $34.99/lb, Murray’s Cheese

Leonard & Church makes striking timepieces that just so happen to be reasonably priced. We think your papa might appreciate something like this classic pocket watch this year. He just seems like a guy who appreciates fine things, in our dealings with him. Use the promo code POPS for at checkout for an extra 20%. $260, Leonard & Church

Crowd Cow is now offering steak flights, so your dad can try beef and burgers from a variety of different U.S. farms and ranches and compare their flavors and textures. You could basically stop looking at this guide now because that would make an awesome gift. But still, we worked on this thing, so if you could be so kind. $89-$195, Crowd Cow

If your dad is dedicated to the kitchen, you and your siblings could go big and jump in together to buy Dad a one-of-a-kind, hand-forged knife from New Orleans and Nashville's Coutelier. Their high-carbon steel Boothill Blade chef’s knife may end up outliving you all. $575, Coutelier NOLA

Rather than run around town, picking up a bottle of Josh Cellars Cabernet here, a Shinola notebook there, and a pack of Malin + Goetz products and a handsome dopp kit wherever you can find them, GiftaGram went and gathered all those things in one box for you. To give to Dad, that is, deliverable through the app or purchased at a Grand Central Station pop-up today through Friday. Don’t be jealous now. $99, GiftaGram X Josh Cellars

Fact: Salt Optics makes sturdy, stylish shades inspired by classic U.S. silhouettes. Fact: Your dad will appreciate these polarized, acetate Tufnel shades almost as much as you would. Fact: That’s Tufnel, as in Nigel of "this one goes to 11..." fame. $440, Salt Optics

Smoky whisky. It’s why Father’s Day back was invented way back in 1610. And to celebrate this completely untrue piece of history, dads everywhere must be bestowed with excellent expressions of the stuff, like Jura 18-Year, a single-malt aged in red wine casks on Scotland’s tiniest distilling island. $129.99, Jura 18-Year Single Malt 

We should have thought up Gripbell. Then we would have been making zillions of dollars off an extremely versatile, easy-to-store set of improvements to the kettlebell instead of telling you to get them for your appreciative dad. Ah, life. $279, Gripbell

Misen just went and did for skillets, pots and pans what it did for knives. Which means designing them really, really well so they’ll basically never fail you. No, you’re not trying to tell dad something with all of that. $65-$225, Misen

A box full of exceptional and indulgent popcorns with flavors like Holla-Peño and French Vanilla cookie crunch from Double Good. This couldn’t possibly fail. And will likely reappear in the years to come. $39-$99, Double Good

Stillhouse Black is a unique bourbon that is rested in coffee beans and sold inside of a vessel resembling a vintage gasoline can. You’ll give it to you father, then shortly relive your days stealing from his liquor cabinet. $34, Stillhouse Black

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