Nike's Newest Sandals Have Actual Fanny Packs on Top

This Was Bound to Be a Thing Sooner or Later

By Sam Eichner ·

Important pool party-related news item: Nike has decided to mold its classic slides with an equally classic fanny pack, resulting in what may be the most summery combination of the year. They're called the Benassi "Fanny Pack" Slides, and they're here to make dudes who were subconscious about wearing an actual fanny pack less self-conscious about it, given said fanny pack is now on their feet. Which is way cooler. We think.

At first glance, these sandals might seem somewhat ridiculous. But if you let the concept sink in, the whole design starts to make a lot of sense. The fact is, the occasions for which you wear sandals tend to overlap with the occasions for which you have a troublesome lack of pockets. The beach. The pool. The pick-up basketball game you wore slides to, because you wanted to make a point of changing into basketball shoes. In all three situations, you probably want to bring a little cash, a credit card, a phone and some keys. But you also may not want to wear shorts with pockets. Or an actual fanny pack. Hence, these sandals. It's a weirdly perfect marriage of style and utility, on-trend normcore-y vibes and casual sportswear.  

According to Hypebeast, they'll come in several colorways. Nike has yet to set a release date for these bad boys, but you can expect them to come on sale soon.

Sam Eichner

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