Como's First Five-Star Hotel Is Calling

With Motorboats, Sea Planes and Personal Chefs at Your Service

By Eric Twardzik ·
None 8 Photos Vista Palazzo Lago Di Como

You think you'll spend some time on the lake this summer. 

As in Como.

The one with medieval ruins and ceaseless Danny Ocean references and this historic manse that’s now a new 18-room hotel.

That's called Vista Palazzo Lago Di Como, the first five-star hotel located in the city of Como itself. Yes, it's hard to believe we put a man on the moon before that happened, but here we are. Check out the slideshow and make peace with things.

It doesn't get to have the Italian word for "palace" in it for nothing. But all the airy guest rooms with marble bathrooms and living rooms bearing lake views sealed the deal. Besides, you and your date will be too busy staring at the water to question anyone's language usage as you expect your personal chef to prepare a promised en-suite dinner.

After which, you might opt to while the night away at a rooftop bar that appears to merge with the bay below. Just don't overdo it. Since you have a Riva motorboat tour booked for the morning. And an aerial tour via seaplane in the afternoon.

On second thought, overdo it.

Always overdo it.

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