You Now Have a Personal Tobacconist Who Will Deliver Cigars Straight to Your Door

Good Cigar Co. Would Like to Turn You Into a Bona Fide Connoisseur

By Thompson Brandes ·
Good Cigar Co.

Odds are, at some point in your life, you’ve waltzed into a cigar shop with little to no regard of what you’re getting yourself into. You probably asked a weathered man with a thick mustache to set you up with a reasonable smoke, only to merrily waltz out with zero cigar cutters or matches. These things happen for good reason: knowing your way around a good cigar requires experience, attention to detail and a passion for the craft on the level of whiskey or wine. But it doesn’t mean the unseasoned novice shouldn’t be able to sit down and enjoy one for themselves.

That's where the Atlanta-based Good Cigar Co. jumps in. They're simplifying the whole affair and shaping you into a bona fide cigar aficionado in the process. You see, Good Cigar does all the work for you, by setting you up with a personal tobacconist who curates the very best cigars to your liking. All you have to do is select an intensity level (casual, classic or affianado) and their experts will tailor a pack to your preferences before sending it straight to your doorstep.

The deliverable packs are also accessory-equipped and humidity-sealed. So the aforementioned cutter and matches? You’re getting those, too—all wrapped neatly inside a resealable pouch primed to keep your premium stoagies fresh for weeks. You’ll light one up to that news, indeed.

You can go full monty with a monthly subscription, or simply grab a solo pack for your summertime leisure or special occasion over Good Cigar now.

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