Could This Be the Perfect Polo?

Ozie Incorporates a Revolutionary Fabric Technology from an Ex-Lululemon Designer

By Sam Eichner ·

Though many have claimed to discovered it—including us—the search for the perfect polo is an oft quixotic one. Most of the time, we find something we like well enough and decide well enough is suitable for our needs. And certainly, it is. But that doesn't mean the polo-makers of the world aren't still looking for that perfect polo equation. And it doesn't mean we should stop looking, either...

All of which is to say, it might be worth giving Ozie a shot. Their designer is a longtime Lululemon alum, and they're still drumming up funds over at Kickstarter now—although we've been assured by its founders that they will go to market, with or without it. Be that as it may, if you purchase via Kickstarter, and their goal is met, you should receive the polo by August, just when you need a well-fitting, breathable polo most. 

The difference here between Ozie and other polos lies in their proprietary heat-regulating fabric technology. It sounds complicated, but basically, what they've done is mesh a heavy and lightweight fabric into one. The back of the polo has a fabric interlaced with tiny air holes (on the inside, not the outside) that creates an air pocket between the two. When the outside temperature is lower than your body's, the outer layer helps stops the cold air from coming in and the heat contained in the air pocket keeps your body warm; when your body temperature goes up—like, say, during a round of golf—these pockets push the heat out, initiating a "cooling response" in the fabric. It's also wrinkle-free, and given its heat-regulating properties, it's reasonable to wear a few times before having to throw it in the wash. Both good things.

Currently, the Ozie is available in three colorways: heather grey, navy blue and forest green. They're pretty damn handsome, if we don't say so ourselves. And they're versatile enough to be worn on the golf course, at the office or wherever.

"Wherever" is a lot of places.   

Sam Eichner

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