This App Is Like Shazam for Vinyl Cover Art

Record Player Lets You Stream an Album by Snapping a Picture of It

By Thompson Brandes ·
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It’s a problem you’ve stumbled upon a hundred times whilst perusing your favorite record store: you come across an intriguing album—maybe it has nice cover art, or one song you recognize—yet you have no idea if the entire collection of unknown tracks is worth your purchase. Will it live up to the imaginary hype you’ve built up in your head? Will it turn into a thing you listen to once and sulk over for years to come?

This is where Record Player comes through to save the day. The new vinyl identification app pairs up with Spotify, allowing users to snap a picture of an album to stream it instantly. And while, yes, you could just search for said artist and album in Spotify, that process is too often a painstaking failure (and one that will also have you looking like a dolt in that super hip record store). Think of it as a visual Shazam for hungry vinyl enthusiasts.

Record Player is available for both trial and download now on your smartphone.

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