These Star Wars AR Headsets Let You Challenge Your Friends to Lightsaber Duels

May the Fourth Be With You in Your Next Imaginary Jedi Fight

By Thompson Brandes ·
Lucasfilm Ltd.

There you are, patiently kneeling upon the warm shag carpet of your living room—lightsaber in hand. Your mind is nowhere, yet everywhere at the same time. The Force is so damn with you:

Lucasfilm Ltd.

The Force is also with your neighbor Fred, who is pacing about the adjacent kitchen, annoyed at having to wait for such futile meditation:

Lucasfilm Ltd.

In a few seconds, your impending duel will begin. Only neither of you will be executed, diced in half or sent free-falling to an early grave. Because this particular square off is just for fun—a product of your new Lenovo augmented reality headsets, which let you have kickass lightsaber duels with your friends.

The fun comes courtesy of Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, an AR lightsaber kit that recently received an update called “Lightsaber Versus Mode,” which allows users to fight multiplayer battles on top of the previously single-player game. Versus Mode requires two complete systems, in which each player’s headsets project a lightsaber beam over each of their controllers. The systems then procedurally generate a battle, projecting areas where you can block your opponent's strikes and blows (essentially a scenario wherein you and your friend slice each other to pieces in a matter of five seconds). You can block, duck, retaliate and claim victory, all within the realm of your virtual throwdown.

Fully updated Jedi Challenges headsets are available now for $149.

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