How the First Round Picks Approached NFL Draft Night Style

We Caught Up With a Couple First Rounders to Talk About Last Night's Style Prep and Plans to Hit Up NASA

By Najib Benouar ·

It's no coincidence that on the most important days of your life, you'll often find yourself putting on a suit. 

So last night, when a few dozen 20-somethings walked the NFL Draft Night red carpet on their way to becoming millionaires, we expected nothing less than a well-tailored affair (naturally, Baker Mayfield had other plans).

And two of those youngsters took the opportunity to turn to a former pro who'd done it before—and just so happens to have his own suiting line—Michael Strahan, whose COLLECTION by Michael Strahan is exclusively available at JCPenney. So we caught up with Bradley Chubb (who went #5 to Denver) and Minkah Fitzpatrick (#11 to Miami) to ask them about how they prepped for NFL Draft Night and, most importantly, the style aspect of their big day. 

Minkah Fitzpatrick

On the design of his custom suit: The suit is an off-white color, double breasted with black details.

Let's talk accessories: One accessory I’m excited about are the buttons of my jacket. The buttons are going to be black with a gold lion on each button. It’s a different look so I’m excited about wearing them.

On Strahan's draft tips and fashion tips: He showed me pictures of some of his past suits and fashion choices, and explained to me some of the fashion ideas to stay away from. The best fashion tip he gave me was to just do what you feel comfortable doing. One tip he gave me for draft night was to just know that wherever you go you are going to have to work hard, and to just be grateful for the opportunity.

So we have to ask about the custom suit lining as it has become a somewhat sacred tradition of Draft Night suiting. Any hints on what you’ve got tucked up your sleeve? My lining on my suit will have a picture that is drawn by my older sister. The picture consists of a quote that my father came up with. The saying goes “Stay on your Square.” It’s simple but has a lot of meaning to my family and I.

Bradley Chubb

On the design of his custom suit: The suit is black and navy on the outside and a lining that will be astronomical. 

Now that you mention the custom suit lining, can you tell us anything more: The lining is going to be astronomical – out of this world. I can’t give it away but we’re ready to “Lift Off”

Let's talk accessories: Del Toro hooked it up with some custom slippers to go perfectly with my custom suit.

Wait, how did you land the Instagram account @astronaut? That's amazing. Has Buzz Aldrin hit you up? My agency, Select Sports Group took care of business to make sure they got that secured for me. Still waiting for a call from Buzz but I’m trying to hit up NASA after the Draft 100%.

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