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And the Massive Food Halls Just Keep On Coming

Welcome to Jackson Hall, Miami's First Health Food-Driven Luncheteria

By Ginger Harris ·
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The Asian one.

The Italian one.

The other Italian one.

And now, the healthy one.

With Jackson Hall finally open, Miami's food hall explosion now includes its first health food-driven option. It was only a matter of time. It looks like this.

Burgers are nice. So are tacos. So is pasta. But if and only if a mysterious craving for something a bit more regret-proof sets in, grab a few likeminded lunch-goers and make your way to this cavernous space. Beneath its rustic tin ceiling: five restaurants and a bar waiting to fill you with something grand.

Perhaps it'll be Della Bowls' Dalé Bowl with brown rice, refried black beans, cashew queso and pico. Though Charcoal Rotisserie's herb-marinated free bird probably shouldn't be overlooked, either. Levante's lamb kebab platter. Little Island's spicy tuna bowl. Leo & Bloom Delicatessen's chicken noodle soup. All there. All waiting.

Whatever it is, don't forget to grab a glass of wine or a cold beer from Radiate Apothecary and Bar. Or a Rosemary Arnold Palmer with cold-pressed lemon juice and housemade rosemary simple syrup if you're keeping things clean.

Sunlight floods through the windows and plants pepper the space. Get comfortable amongst them inside or, better yet, secure a spot on the outdoor dining terrace to commune with Mother Nature.

And before heading back into the real world, decompress at the Positivity Library by plopping onto a velvety couch and flipping through something humorous.

Of course there's a Positivity Library.

Ginger Harris

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Jackson Hall
at the Civica Center
1050 NW 14th St
Miami , FL, 33136


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