Eastwind: Up in the Catskills, a Boutique Glamping Situation Done Right

Some Beautifully Designed Scandinavian Cabins. Not to Mention a Cocktail Bar, Sauna, Pool...

By Ilana Dadras ·
Jordan Layton

Somewhere in the Catskills, a few sleek Scandinavian-style cabins are being filled with warm wool blankets and luxurious apothecary kits.

Nearby, a typewriter is being installed near a window with sweeping mountain views.

Someone's debating where the barrel hot tub should be installed. Near the fire pit, they reflect, surely.

It's all coming together at Eastwind Hotel & Bar: a beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed upstate boutique glamping situation, set to open June 1st in Windham.

It's booking now, something you should consider doing because these places tend to get booked solid long before they open. Something about gorgeous cabins tucked into the woods will inspire that sort of thing. But before we send you off to claim the weekend of your choice, give it a moment of your undivided attention...

—The property combines elements of its history as a retreat for hunters, fly fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts with the owners' desire to build an upscale, Scandinavian-style outdoor experience.
Did that sound like a press release? Well, it's that delightful. Some sleek glamping cabins built into the forest, in addition to a boutique hotel-style lodging in two main houses. The former if you're looking to unplug in a sleek, minimal space, the latter if you prioritize proximity to other humans and the in-house cocktail bar.

—Another idea: book a Writer's Studio Suite and get to work on that novel.
They've outfitted a couple suites in the main Bunk House with writers' desks, type writers, sweeping natural views and WiFi. For better or for worse.

—They've also considered your spa-related needs.
Unwind in the oversized barrel hot tub, sauna or swimming pool. 

—And once things get up and running, expect frequent movie screenings, outdoor concerts, farmers markets and more.
To build into your itinerary of horseback riding, hiking, fly fishing and generally just enjoying being in nature.

You've got to see this place...

Eastwind, opening June 1st, 5088 Route 23, Windham, 518-734-0553, see the slideshow

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