How Will You Dress Jeff Goldblum This Morning?

This Magnet Set Makes You the Actor's Personal Stylist

By Thompson Brandes ·
Belly Kids

Actor, jazz pianist and acclaimed “Mayor of Hollywood” Jeff Goldblum has made a career of dressing, speaking and looking impossibly handsome in movies. I didn’t need to tell you that, of course, seeing as Jeff Goldblum’s chest already did so in Jurassic Park.  

But what if I told you for a mere 10-spot, you could physically dress (and, uh, undress) Jeff Goldblum everyday from the comfort of your own home? You’d obviously put on Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In the Dark, and immediately get to styling The Jeff Goldblum Dress Up Magnet Set from Vaso Michailadou and Belly Kids...right? Right.

The magnetic wardrobe kit features some of Goldblum’s most iconic on-screen looks, from the aforementioned Jurassic Park to The Fly, Thor, Life Aquatic and others. So depending on how you're feeling during your next morning bowl of cereal, you can dress Jeff however you’d like—the possibilities are exponential. (Just no spilling milk on Grandmaster Goldblum’s lush Ragnarok robes, please.)

The Jeff Goldblum Dress Up Magnet Set is available now at Belly Kids for $10.

Thompson Brandes

Thompson Brandes is getting sucked into another Jurassic Park movie on AMC right now.

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