These Are the Best Music Festivals to Have Sex at

According to Lovehoney, Our Number One Source for Music Festival Sex Statistics

By Sam Eichner ·
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The top three music festivals where revelers have had sex are Lollapalooza, at number one, the Vans Warped Tour, at number two and Burning Man, at number three—that is, according to a survey of 1,545 consumers by Lovehoney, one of the world's largest online sex toy retailers and UrbanDaddy's number one resource for music festival sex statistics. 

Of those surveyed, a somewhat staggering 18 percent have had sex at a music festival, while 30 percent said they have not but would like to. Of course, they took this survey on (or from) a sex toy website, so it's reasonable to assume participants were more predisposed to sex in really sweaty, public places where The Killers happen to be playing than most. But still—that's not not a lot of sex! And of the 18 percent who said they'd done it during a particularly lackadaisical Lorde set (joking about the Lorde part; Lorde is never lackadaisical), 26 percent have participated in oral sex, 4 percent have participated in group sex and 4 percent have participated in anal sex (4 percent of 18 percent of 1,545 is approximately 11 people). I get doing at Burning Man—you're staying overnight. But how does one finagle a threesome at Lollapalooza or the Vans Warped Tour, where you can barely find a place to pee?*

Neal Slateford, the founder of Lovehoney, offers this explanation in the release: "“Music and sex have been intricately linked in our culture and they are both powerful forces that bring people together. It’s encouraging to know that consumers have a healthy appetite to combine both and are able to find sexual happiness anywhere they are.”

Should you attempt to join the ranks of these festival fornicators, here are the top 5 destinations for music festival sex, as determined by the survey participants.

1. Burning Man
2. Coachella
3. Lollapalooza
4. Austin City Limits

*To be fair, the release regarding the survey doesn't define what constitutes "at a music festival"—i.e., it's quite possible that survey participants included the Airbnb or whatever they booked to stay at during Lollapalooza as "at a music festival." 

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