New York's Best Fitness Studios Are Coming to You

Introducing Jetsweat, a Curated Video On-Demand Fitness App

By Sam Eichner ·
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When it comes to working out, sometimes getting out the door is half the battle. Unfortunately (or not), with Jetsweat, that excuse is no longer really viable.


Just launched today, Jetsweat is the first curated mobile platform for on-demand fitness videos with a boutique partnership business model. What that means: they host exclusive content from a variety of well-to-do (read: high-priced, trendy) fitness studios, like Sky Ting Yoga, Solace (for HIIT, aka high-intensity interval training), Masterskya (for martial arts) and more. It's available for iOS devices now (and is coming soon for Androids), for $9.99 a month or $89.99 a year. 

So...a little bit more about how this works. It's really pretty easy. You'll download the app on your iPhone, set up your subscription (or initial gratis download) and sync it to your Apple Health, so that the app can track your performance in real time. Then, you'll create a profile, in order for Jetsweat to recommend programs suited to your preferences and fitness goals (though you can also pick from ready-made programs, like "Daily Zen" and "Tighten and Tone"). Finally, you'll connect your iPhone to your TV through Apple TV or AirPlay, press play on the selected video and get to work. Your beach bod awaits (as does, hopefully sooner rather than later, the beach).

The best part of Jetsweat is that, unlike other video on-demand fitness apps/sites, they draw their video classes from a growing portfolio of only the top studios and gyms across the country (most of which are, at least right now, based in New York). In other words: instead of having to pick and choose between high-intensity interval training at Trooper Fitness, a meditation workshop at MindFresh, total body yoga at Sky Ting Yoga, dance cardio at IntenSati or a Jujitsu-inspired martial arts class at Masterskya—not to mention, having to actually go to those places—you can try them all from the comfort of your own home. Which is great, especially when you don't want to commute across town before or after work. 

And when spring isn't quite spring yet.

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