Morsel Spork Is the Greatest Utensil Currently in Existence

Wave Goodbye to All Those Other Sporks

By Thompson Brandes ·
Morsel Spork

Forget everything you thought you knew about sporks right this instant. In fact, feel free to reach into your pocket, pull out the spork you were planning on using today and lend it to a friend who needs it more. Because none of those sporks are the Morsel Spork—a revolutionary spoon/fork/knife/spatula hybrid currently taking funding on Kickstarter.

The makeshift sporktula’s design incorporates a long 10.5 inch handle, a strong rubbery edge, and functional shape, making it the perfect utensil for any hard-to-reach bite of food your face hole craves. It also serves as a fine chef’s tool for stirring, scraping and cleaning up after you cook.

“But is it easy to break?” you ask. Oh, I don’t know, you tell me:

With warmer camping weather and a slew of music festivals around the corner, the Morsel Spork seems as handy and demanding as ever. Though if you're thinking of simply making this your everyday go-to utensil, we won't blame you. In fact, we'll applaud you.

You can currently reserve one in time for a June delivery for $9.

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