What Spotify Told Us to Like This Week

A Musical Search of Our Psyches: March 12, 2018


Spotify Discover playlists serve as an abstract audio documentation of where you were generally at in life last week. A passive-aggressive nudge that says, "hey, you know there are other good alt-country artists besides Ryan Adams." It would be annoying if it weren't right so much of the time. So here's this week's What Spotify Tells Us We Like, a psychomusical analysis of UD editors' relationships to the increasingly sentient algorithms of the world's largest streaming music operation:

Bailey Edwards

"Yours" by Russell Dickerson is the most shockingly romantic country song and I can’t explain its presence here but I am embracing it, earnestly. I blame yesterday’s new moon.

Lea Weatherby

Three things I learned while listening to this week's discover playlist; I am a sucker for a good cover, I am nostalgic for 90s pop/rock, I am obliged to up my Zoloft dosage. 

Ilana Dadras

When I find a track I like, I tend to keep it on repeat for a few hours/weeks until I'm completely tired of it. A metaphor for my life, really. So yeah, I'm not sure how the rest of the playlist is, but I can say with great certainty that I love "Young Hearts" by NoMBe. For now.

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

I unfortunately ruined my algorithm by listening to too much gentle piano, so that takes up a bit of this Discover Weekly this week. But as the days are getting warmer and I, personally, feel as if I am becoming a better person (long story, can't get into details, sorry) I think these songs are assuredly heartening. Highlights include Har Mar Superstar's "How Did I Get Through The Day" and for better (but worse), Phish.

Thompson Brandes

The two songs I enjoy most off this week's "Any Good?" playlist are titled "Girl" and "Girl In New York." Which probably checks out with the unfathomable amount of Ciara and Fleetwood Mac I binged through last week. 

Sam Eichner

A lot of songs on this list remind me of the stuff I used to listen to in college--The Dirty Projectors, The Decemberists, Hospitality (random one), Built to Spill...I still listen to these bands (which is why they probably showed up) but it feels strange that a function designed to discover new music is really just me (re)discovering old music I used to listen to more frequently. Take that as you will?

Kelly Larson

It was weird hearing Eddie Vedder uncharacteristically pandering to a Chicago crowd in his live version of “All the Way.” He’s normally so introspective and earnest. I needed answers, so I turned to Wikipedia, where I learned that Mr. Vedder is 53 and hails from Evanston, Illinois, which is near Chicago. Suddenly, it all made sense. And then I finished my sandwich and listened to something better. I always thought the road to discovery would be way more glamorous than this.

Geoff Rynex

This playlist is kind of all over the place, filled with artists whose waters I’ve dipped a toe into but never fully submerged myself in. One exception: Shilpa Ray—who I’ve never heard of, and who’s Add Value Add Time is indie-reggae-shimmery slide guitar, and I’m really into it. She talks about “artisanal panic attacks,” and I’m a big sucker for making fun of all things artisanal. Judging by every Discover Playlist they’ve given me, Spotify is also really intent on making me a Grateful Dead fan, which I think I should open myself up to.

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