This Cryptocurrency Mine Doubles as a Home Heating System

Warm Up and Earn Some Revenue at the Same Damn Time

By Thompson Brandes ·

There’s a reason those high-end case fans are so vital to your computer—any CPU generating that much heat is inevitably going to need some cooling down. But what if you, say, scrapped that cooling system and allowed that generated heat to warm your entire home instead?

That's the concept behind Qarnot’s QC-1, the world’s first crypto heater. It’s a legit cryptocurrency mine (a thing normally found sucking the electricity out of entire countries), which means the QC-1 naturally generates a ton of energy by way of harboring cold, hard crypto cash in your apartment. So technically, you’re able to generate digital revenue instead of shelling out gas payments every month.


It also happens to look rather handsome and intriguing for your average home appliance, with it’s minimal black and wood grain design. 

You can order the QC-1 now in time for a June 20th delivery. Might want to study up on blockchain technology and whatnot before then, so you can readily explain this thing to your probing houseguests.

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