Oh, This? Just a Six-Person Inflatable Floating Peacock

For Water-bound Summertime Imbibing at Its Most Ridiculous

By Ilana Dadras ·

Picture this: 

Mere months from now. You've got a cold, refreshing brew in hand. You're flanked by five or six good friends. 

And you're all casually floating around on a gargantuan peacock. 

This pleasing visual brought to you by Party Bird Island's six-person pool floats: a trifecta of inflatable winged creatures offering a tiny sliver of light in an otherwise desolate world right now, now available for pre-order. 

Your options here we once unicorn, peacock or flamingo—but it appears only peacocks remain at the moment. (The demand for supremely Instagrammable pool floats is high, to literally no one's surprise.) Anyway, go ahead and secure yourself a massive bird. As you can see in the above photograph, they're big enough to hold you and a selection of people you know who also want to drink on a massive bird, and the back feathers provide a nice back rest for a couple of you to kick back on comfortably. 

Additionally, since a pool float is not a pool float if you haven't got a refreshing beverage in hand, they've gone ahead and placed six cup holders on them for you. 

Here's the thing—you've got to go to Sam's Club to get one. And while they're out of stock at the moment, we're hoping they'll make some available in time for summer (you can add it to your wish list here). 

This article was last updated on March 16th

Ilana Dadras

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