Massages Inside an 800-Year-Old Lava Flow

A Modern Icelandic Escape Doing Some Very Interesting Things With Its Surroundings

By Eric Twardzik ·


What have they done for you lately?

Wait, don't answer that.

Not until you've seen this new hotel with steam rooms and wine cellars carved into ancient lava flows.

It's the Retreat at Blue Lagoon, an all-but-floating Icelandic hotel where your becoming relaxed appears totally plausible, now taking reservations for its April 1st opening.

The lagoon itself is a manmade, though long-existing, geothermal spa that has earned worldwide fame for its mineral-rich waters. And now you can finally sleep on top of it, thanks to this tranquil 62-suite property that has no shortage of tastefully designed Nordic furniture or floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking strangely beautiful lava fields (take a look for yourself right here).

The property is really making the most of its surroundings. With its own Retreat Spa built into an 800-year-old lava flow. Where you'll step inside and experience the wonders of steam rooms carved from lava rock, massages that occur in water and a little something called the “Blue Lagoon Ritual” which involves silica, algae, minerals, Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. Only without those last two.

And since man cannot live on elaborate, natural spa treatments alone, you'll also have Moss restaurant. So you can experience seven-courses of Icelandic cuisine at a 10-person table made from lava rock and liquid sustenance from a wine cellar located in a lava rock cavern formed by a volcanic eruption in 1226.

Because you simply don't get to do that enough these days.

Eric Twardzik

Eric Twardzik is often misidentified as a Dane. Embroidered pants and green Chartreuse are the two things that get him out of bed every morning.

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