Doritos Is Into the Streetwear Game Now

Because They've Got a Ketchup Chip Now

By Lea Weatherby ·

Doritos had dropped a limited-edition collection that looks even more delicious than it even sounds.

Created by BBDO Toronto and Doritos Canada, the seasonal, limited-edition Doritos-Ketchup line features T-Shirts, letterman jackets, crewneck sweaters, caps, and accessories in shades of black and of course, the signature red that pays homage to your favorite condiment.

As opposed to the stiff, ill-fitting threads you’d expect to see launched out of a T-Shirt cannon at a sporting event, the fashion forward collection focused on creating an expertly crafted line with a wearability factor that far exceeds expectations.

Although the seasonal line is sold out at retail locations, snack and fashion enthusiasts can enter for a chance to win the entire line

Lea Weatherby

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