AI Will Probably Be Putting Models Out Of Work Soon

No One is Safe

By Lea Weatherby ·

If you’re concerned about robots taking your job, then you probably should be because sentient and impossibly beautiful human models have just been ousted from the runway by drones. 

At the Milan fashion show of Italian luxury designer Dolce & Gabbana, approximately eight quadcopter drones were dispatched down the runway holding leather and jewel emblazoned handbags from the brand’s Fall Winter 2018/19 collection. In addition to displaying the handbags, the hovering and impeccably styled drones flaunted their opulence with a garish gemstone sitting atop their robot heads.

When considering some of the unconventional runway statements we saw last week, like the Gucci models who accessorized with replicas of their own severed heads, these drones seem not only tame, but practical, in comparison. 

With Dolce & Gabbana being among the few big names in fashion to incorporate drones into their runway shows, it’s not surprising that technical difficulties delayed things for 45 minutes due to repeatedly ignored pleas for everyone in attendance to turn their goddamn WiFi off.  

The good news is that after the drones completed a few hovers and spins, the humans returned to the runway, leading to a collective “PHEW” that echoed across the globe. 

Lea Weatherby

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