Your Legs Yearn For These Bespoke Italian Trousers

Three Days of Hand-Sewn Goodness By Pommella Napoli

By Ilana Dadras ·

The Armoury is hosting Italian trouser-makers Lino Pommella and Gianluca Migliarotti this week, and they're currently booking appointments for their three-day stay. Each pair will be completely handmade from premium fabrics: with a slim cut, clean line throughout the leg, hand-sewn button holes and hand-attached waistband. And... yeah, it might be silly not to acquire a pair while you have the chance.

Feb 22—Feb 24, by appointment only, Pommella Napoli at The Armoury, 168 Duane St (at Hudson), call 646-613-7613 or email for appointments

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