PocketSprite Is a Tiny Gameboy for Your Keychain

Fare Thee Well, Productivity


Everybody loves a new best friend, but especially one that fits nice and snug in your front pocket, ready to rock at a moment’s notice. And since this isn’t a column on vibrators, let’s talk PocketSprite, a new full featured emulation console on Crowd Supply so small it can fit a freaking key ring.

The shrunken Gameboy boasts a 240 MHz processor, OLED screen, 8-bit speaker, wifi, and bluetooth. So it’s not a gimmick. It’s a legit, USB-charged console capable of uploading your favorite games from any prior handheld model at the drop of a hat—elevating road trips and devastating morning commutes at a drastic pace. It also makes a great gag gift for people with really small hands (like a baby, or Donald Trump, or that Burger King commercial guy), so there’s that.

You can reserve a PocketSprite now and get to gaming immediately upon its May 15th release.

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