Of Course Wes Anderson Is Curating an Art Show

Expect Imperial Carriages and Other Cool Anderson-ian Things

By Sam Eichner ·
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This week, in "things that felt inevitable..."

Wes Anderson, director, snappy dresser, frequent Prada collaborator, is curating an art exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum (pronounced: fuck if I know), in Vienna, Dazed reports. The museum houses an extensive collection of musical instruments, weapons and Greco-Roman antiquities. Anderson, who is collaborating on the project with novelist, illustrator and costume designer, Juman Molouf, will apparently draw from these archives, along with the "imperial carriages and sleighs from the nearby Wagenburg Museum"—because he just had to have the imperial carriages and sleighs. 

The show is scheduled to run from September 11th to January 20th, after which point it will reportedly relocate to the Fondazione Prada, in Venice. In the more immediate (and accessible) future, Anderson's newest feature-length stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs, is slated to premiere on on March 23rd. 

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