Soon You’ll Be Able to Mario Kart Everywhere You Go

Get Ready to Drop Off a Few Banana Peels On Your Morning Commute

By Thompson Brandes ·

Look outside your window right now. Go ahead. Do you see all of those people walking about, heads down, aimlessly staring at their smartphones? Pretty terrible, right?

Now imagine a world in which everyone is on their phones, at all times, playing Mario Kart. My goodness, can you think of anything more beautiful? You can’t. And come March 2019, it will be your new reality.

Yes, Nintendo is finally launching a mobile Mario Kart for smartphones, saving morning commutes and precious finances everywhere (though it’s not like you were going to buy that Nintendo Switch anyway). And while we can't imagine the app having all the bells and whistles of the console version, it's certainly great news for fans of the original.

Unfortunately, that’s about all the information Nintendo has leaked as of now. Just know that soon, you’ll be getting stoned and launching shells from the comfort of your corporate office toilet—legs fully asleep. Happy Friday, everyone.

Thompson Brandes

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