This Kick-Ass Ski Bike Is Just As Much Fun As It Sounds

SNO-GO's Got a New Toy With Your Name On It

By Thompson Brandes ·

You’re trying to stand out this ski season. But there you are, stuck atop a mountain, zipping through an endless sea of fascist skiers and overly dramatic snowboarders. Even the ski lift operator isn’t noticing you. But fam, say no more. Because SNO-GO has the ski bike of your wildest James Bond daydreams right here, ready to hop aboard in your sharpest three-piece suit and Italian leather gloves.

The lightweight snow cruiser clocks in at around 32 pounds and features an intuitive three-ski design that articulates with your every move. Which means more control and a smoother glide through groomers, tree runs and fresh powder alike. It’s also easily contractible and taken apart, allowing for simple trunk-storage and handling—very top secret ski-spy, indeed.*

*No word yet on a Walther PPK included in the purchase at this time.

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