Behold: The World's Smartest Golf Ball

The GENiUS Ball Tracks Everything from Velocity to Spin Rate. Also: You'll Never Lose It.

By Thompson Brandes ·

OnCore Golf has recently reached its funding goal in developing and distributing golf’s most intelligent golf ball. It's called the GENiUS Ball, and it's perfect for those on the infinite quest for the perfect swing (which just so happens to be all of us). 

The patented design is definitely a cut above the smart clubs and putting balls currently on the market, tracking numerous analytics like roll, velocity, draw and fade, and maximum spin rate among other technical things, all of which are viewable directly from your smartphone in real time. If you’re wondering if you’ve seen something similar rocket out of Rodney Dangerfield’s beer-dispensing golf bag at Bushwood Country Club, you’re probably not too far off.

The Buffalo-based company’s construction of a high-strength, high-stiffness core capable of storing sensitive electronics and holding up against the big-time impact of a golf swing led to the groundbreaking design. And perhaps the best part? It uses GPS technology to track your ball to within the foot, meaning those snap-hooks into the backwoods and Gary’s ex-wife’s pool aren’t all leading to lost balls, lost time and money down the drain. Plus: just think of the side bet potential.

The GENiUS Ball is available for preorder now for both $50 and $100 (depending on the rewards package you prefer), and is expected to be released before Father’s Day of this year.

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