It's a Café. It's a Bar. It's a Forthcoming Rooftop Deck.

An All-Day Oakland Hang From Some East Bay Natives

By Joe Starkey ·
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Sometimes you feel like you're two people. 

Daytime You is mild-mannered and career-oriented. Nighttime You probably wouldn't get along too well with Daytime You.

And hey, look at that. Here comes the perfect place for both of you.

It's called Oeste, and as you may have already deduced, it's a casual café by day and a casual bar and restaurant by night. It's open now in Oakland from three women with East Bay roots, and here's the slideshow.

When the sun is (hopefully) shining, you and some friends will walk in and claim your spots at one of several small tables in the white-tiled café portion. You're going to want a coffee and their Spanish tortilla with eggs, potatoes, onions, greens and romesco, so go ahead and make those happen.

Once night falls, that'll be your cue to head into the bar portion and gather around the communal table underneath several chandeliers. Winter squash pasteles. Chicken and sausage gumbo. Pineapple habanero margaritas on tap. All of those words represent some very good life choices.

Oh, and look for the rooftop bar to open in a month or so once the permits go through.

You belong here now.

Joe Starkey

Joe Starkey is the tallest person in the room 90% of the time. He enjoys liquors that aren’t smoky, dive bars that are, and has a vague dread that someone, somewhere might be having more fun than him.


722-730 Clay St
(between 7th and 8th)
Oakland, CA, 94607


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