Your Cliffside Villa in the Azores Misses You

Saltwater Pools and Pleasure Yachts in the Portuguese Archipelago

By Sarah Freeman ·

Welcome to your place in the Azores.

We think you're going to like it.

Assuming you're not opposed to amazing cliffside villas, endless ocean views and the occasional dalliance with a pleasure yacht.

Oh great. You're not. Let's do this then.

You're staying at White Exclusive Suites & Villas, a breathtaking nine-suite, one-villa escape that counts the Atlantic Ocean as its nearest neighbor, now open on the stunning Azorean island known as São Miguel. Take a closer look right here.

There you'll be. On a cliff. Over the sea. In your own private villa surrounded by a bay of volcanic rock. With all the time in the world to enjoy your heated saltwater pool and the occasional massage in your breezy, whitewashed living room. 

Yes, you'll be pampered here. When you're not off imitating Jacques Cousteau on a pristine seascape or having terrific meals among cobblestone streets. And if you don't care to venture far, you always have Cardume, a guest-only restaurant where lobster tagliatelle and Douro Valley wines are enjoyed in an open-air dining room.

But if you prefer your seafood more up-close-and-personal, this place has a boat that's perfect for big-game fishing and scuba diving. Or if you prefer to just cruise around the ocean looking around, they have an even bigger boat for that. They call it a pleasure yacht.

And you can live with that.

Sarah Freeman

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