This Year, Give the Gift of a Cannabis Tasting Flight

A Beautiful Box of Weed for the Stoner on Your List

By Sam Eichner ·

From California's Lowell Farms...

The organic company that brought you a handsome-looking bouquet of weed...

And handsome-looking packages of marijuana cigarettes (aka, "joints")...

Comes this equally handsome-looking, limited-edition cannabis tasting flight. It contains an eighth of an ounce of eight of Lowell's best strains, hand-selected from its network of family farms, and curated for both a variety of flavor and effect. They're in cute little vacuum-sealed glass jars, all of which are housed in a beautiful handcrafted wooden case—because they (and by extension, you) deserve it. Qualified California residents can place an order by contacting a participating dispensary. Snoop Dogg, Bella Thorne and Calvin Harris are among Lowell's professed fans. And who can you trust on weed-related topics if not Snoop?

Of course, the gift-giving implications of something like this are, for lack of a better pun, high. You could always split up the jars and use them as stocking stuffers for all your stoner friends. Although we're sure there's someone on your list (over the age of 21, and living in California), who would be overjoyed to find the whole box wrapped up under his or her Christmas tree. 

Or cannabis wreath

Yeah. That seems much more likely in this instance.

Sam Eichner

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