The 9 Best Pieces of Menswear That Exist This Week

Intense Boots Are Involved

By Geoff Rynex ·

December has descended, and with it, our yearning for full-length coats and boots that would be the best-looking on Everest. Both of those, and seven other things, are the best pieces of menswear/accessories that exist this week...

Oak Street Bootmakers Commando Sole Summit Boot

The Cords x Alpha Industries Corduroy Bomber

Private White V.C. Jeep Coat

Best Made Co. Biosilk Cap of Courage

Maiden Noir Work Trouser

Tom Cridland 30 Year Sweatshirt

Il Bisonte Cowhide Zipper Wallet

Corridor Heathered Flannel

New Balance x Richard Seco 574 (available Sat, Dec 9)

Geoff Rynex

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