These Guys Will Do All Your Gift Shopping for You


By Sam Eichner ·
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Finding the perfect holiday gift for that special someone is hard.

Finding the perfect person to find the perfect holiday gift for that special someone is...less hard.

Particularly since you're about to become aware of RC, Inc., a boutique, luxury task rabbit that's served the likes of famous people so famous we're not allowed to include their names here (seriously). Should you live in New York or L.A., and desire professional assistance with holiday gift-shopping, you can retain their services here.

How this works is surprisingly simple. You’ll go online and register for the service you’re interested in (so, “personal shopping”), fill out a quick form and wait for their team to contact you. Once they do, you can give them a general idea of what you want (like: "gourmet food item" or "jewelry") along with a budget, and they'll do the rest. Or, you can work with them one-on-one to help them understand your gift-recipient’s specific lifestyle, interests, likes and dislikes. After a decision has been made, they'll pick up the gift wherever it needs picking up and delivering it wherever it needs delivering. It’s that easy. And easily repeatable, if you’d like to do this for everyone on your list.

Oh, and one other perk: they’re all about over-the-top deliveries. Want a troupe of shirtless men to deliver something to your best friend? Done. Want a drone to drop the gift from the sky onto their stoop? Kind of creepy, but possible. Want to simply FedEx the thing?

Boring. But yeah, okay, they can do that, too.

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