East Coast-Style Breakfast Sandwiches Take Potrero

Bacon. Eggs. Cheese. Perfect.

By Joe Starkey ·
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There. That pretty much sums up the three most important elements of Newkirk's, a new spot on Potrero from a guy who's dedicated the past several months to creating the perfect East Coast-style Kaiser roll with a baker in the Richmond for his bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. It's soft-open now, and here's what it looks like.

As an admirer of dedication and breakfast sandwiches, you'll step up to the entrance and gaze curiously upon the life-size horse sculpture on the roof.

Hungry for both a sandwich and an explanation as to why there's a horse on the roof, you'll sate one of the two with a classic bacon egg and cheese, or possibly order the eponymous Horse on the Roof with steak, two eggs, provolone and NK sauce. Ah, there it is.

If you're here for lunch, they also have classic subs like BLTs or cheesesteaks, along with a few salad options that you won't order. And in the near future, they'll also be offering beer and wine, along with a possible expansion to brunch if the demand exists.

So... brunch soon.

Joe Starkey

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