The Buy Line: 5 Cashmere Sweaters Under $400

The Sweet Spot in the Cashmere Sweater Game

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Welcome back to The Buy Line, where we analyze how the new market forces of menswear—driven by the Internet and the rise of a more savvy consumer—have redefined where the intersection of well-made and well-priced lands.

That crispness and that wind out there right now: it's calling for you to own a new cashmere sweater. Here are five fine options, all of which fall short of $400. According to our calculations, that's the sweet spot where you're getting a great sweater that should last, and won't completely break the bank. 

The Sweater: Uniqlo
The Buy Line: $99

The Sweater: Tomorrowland
The Buy Line: $395

The Sweater: Margaret Howell
The Buy Line: $344

The Sweater: Alex Mill
The Buy Line: $385

The Sweater: Club Monaco
The Buy Line: $330

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