12 Treasures To Remake Your Bike Rides

One's an Itchy & Scratchy Jersey. Still...

By Hadley Tomicki ·

Beautiful bikes crafted from hardwood. Jerseys paying homage to a psychopathic rodent. Legal pain relief derived from a forbidden plant. One doesn’t have to bring a lot of gear with them when jumping on their bicycle this fall.

But these are the bikes, clothes and handsome tools that can make your time cycling city streets, mountain trails and autumnal paths more interesting, fun and safe this season.

The Bikes

Renovo Hardwood Bicycles: No mere gimmick, Renovo’s sturdy hardwood bikes allow for a hollow frame that provides a smoother ride. But it also looks pretty cool. From $2,995

Riese & Muller E-Cargo Bike: You have diminutive humans/beer/coconuts from the farmer’s market to carry. Better harness the power of one of these e-cargo bikes to help you home up those hills.

For Your Head

Thousand’s Epoch Helmet Collection: Whether you’re expressing French pride or just trying to look more like Evel Knieval, the lightweight, blue-and-red striped helmet from Thousand accomplishes both, with copper hardware and vegan leather straps.  $115

Nutcase’s Watermelon Helmet: Maybe it’s not the best idea to compare your valued head to a super -smashable fruit while riding around the city. Still, it’s tempting, right?

Handsome Tools

Shinola’s Pedal Wrench: If you must tote a pedal wrench (and you must, you simply must), make it a U.S.-made Shinola pedal wrench. And not just because it has an integrated bottle opener. $20

Silca’s Hx-One Home Essential Kit: Silca is the gold standard of beautiful, resilient bike tools. This essential walnut box of chrome-coated, steel hex keys and bits almost makes you look forward to tune-up time. $185


DZR’s Turin Boots: Made by and for San Franciscans with tough hills to tackle, these minimalist leather clipless boots bring a much-needed ninja-vibe to your cycling endeavors. $199

State Bicycles: Look. If you must wear bike clothes, at least try to wear a jersey with Itchy & Scratchy all over it. It’s the only dignified choice. $69.99 


Manda Naturals Sun Paste: Turns out, sunscreen is bad. For the earth and ocean, when you wash it off. But not this one. $28 for 40g

Floyd’s of Leadville: A totally legal CBD tincture for athletes, meant to reduce inflammation while keeping you not-high. $85 for 1200mg


Abus’ NutFix: Even if your frame is secure, you may worry about your wheels or seat. These nuts only unlock when your bike is on its side, something it can only do once you’ve unlocked it. Great solution. Funny name.

Otto Design Works’ Ottolock: Those giant u-shaped locks work great, but what a pain to drag around. You could always try these easy-to-carry, multi-layer steel cinch locks instead. Maybe do the Ginzu knife test at home first before hitting the road. $65

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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