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Race Car Driving in the Catskills

Earning bank is hard. Spending it can be just as difficultwhich is where The Blow List comes in...the best, most ridiculous yet necessary ways to blow your stash.

In the city, you like to follow the old proverb that says, "Better to be driven than driving."

But don't forget that driving can be pure joyespecially when you're welded to a nimble German offering to the speed gods, shifting from third to fourth as you come out of a turn.

Our glorious reminder to you: The Drive & Race Club.

If the Andrettis built a country club, it might resemble something like this. Situated in Monticello (90 minutes north, as the Lamborghini flies), The Drive & Race Club will be a three-mile professional-grade track built to test divine machines and their speed-thirsty drivers. It's a members-only affair, which means the traffic is light (although dodging Fresh Direct trucks is hard to beat) and the training is specialized. Let one of the full-time professional instructors take you from Elementary School Honor Roll to Formula One Badass. Then, gun for a course record or race against other members to see who crows loudest back at the clubhouse. Haven't gotten around to buying that Porsche? Don't worryyou can choose one from the stables.

The club won't be ready until spring 2008, but is now accepting memberships, which are limited to 500 area members. Once you're set, you have unlimited access for the next 99 years.

That should be enough time to get Danica Patrick's attention.

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