Another Talde Chinatown Hotel Gem

Street Art and Dim Sum at 50 Bowery

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Normally, when you're surrounded by hoards of morning commuters you're not also indulging in a grilled lobster platter and rose-adorned Prosecco cocktails. 

But at Dale Talde's new Asian-inspired spot in Chinatown, that's a normal thing about to happen all the time. 

We'll explain. 

The spot we speak of: Rice & Gold, a beautiful new restaurant full of dim sum, platters piled high with whole fish and/or lobster and notable street art, opening Thursday on the ground floor of 50 Hotel Bowery.

Recall back in May, when you first laid eyes upon 50 Bowery—the Chinatown hotel with a massive outdoor space, killer rooftop views and street food at the Crown by the man of the hour, Mr. Talde. Back then, an Asian restaurant on the premises was but a far-off dream. Well, here it is at last. 

The space: spacious, modern, everything a bit oversized—and they've let Ewok do his thing on the walls. Upon entering, you'll notice the cartoon-like clouds drifting up towards the front of the space, a sea-inspired landscape on your left, a morning subway train full of New Yorkers on your right. See, it all makes sense now.

So grab some space at the communal table, or post up at a wooden booth in the back, and start with a soju-chartreuse-prosecco-thai basil cocktail. Japanese whiskey-soda or a white rum-charred pineapple drink are also on the metaphorical table. From there: roasted pork in sugar-crusted buns, lobster egg rolls with lemon-chili sauce, octopus skewers with shisho verde... the massive platters piled high with grilled lobster are also a must. 

Now, honestly, everything inside this slideshow is attractive, so let's get to it.


Rice & Gold
50 Bowery
(between Canal and Bayard) 
New York, NY 10013

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