50 Bowery and The Crown

A Beautiful Place to Sleep (and Not Sleep) in Chinatown

Dale Talde Has Made Its Rooftop to Your Liking

By Ilana Dadras ·
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As far as scenic Dale Talde-helmed rooftop bars atop the newest of beautiful Chinese-inspired downtown hotels go, this one’s a doozy.

Straight into it today with Hotel 50 Bowery and the Crown, two closely related places of interest for sleeping, drinking, and eating ceviche on a expansive rooftop when the weather is nothing like it is today, now open in Chinatown.

As far as we’re concerned, there are six things you should know before heading down to this place. Starting with...

1. It’s the first New York opening from Joie de Vivre, the hotel powerhouse behind many a beloved spot around the country.
From Carmel Valley Ranch in Big Sur to the Troubadour in NoLa, these guys have some beauties on their roster.

2. A lot of elements here pay homage to its location in the heart of Chinatown.
Most obviously, the gallery space on the second floor that houses a permanent exhibit curated by the Museum of Chinese in America entitled “Heart of Chinatown,” with a plethora of historical artifacts on display. But also note the Chinese dragon-embroidered robes, art from a Beijing-based graffiti artist, and stress on the color red.

3. The second floor’s also got a massive (like, 5,000-square-foot massive) outdoor space called Atlantic Garden.
And you’re welcome to hang in it, when it’s not being used for private events. Related: you’re welcome to use it for private events.

4. Now, should you or a friend be booking a room, spring for the fourth floor “Manhattan Suite.”
Its private terrace is all but hanging over the Manhattan Bridge. The views are strong with this one.

5. Should you just be interested in Asian-inspired cocktails and Dale Talde-crafted street food, head up to the Crown.
It’s where the Thai basil watermelon margaritas and ceviche are, after all.

6. And before the summer’s out, there’ll be a Asian-centric restaurant and possibly-opium-den-themed lounge on the premises.
Proving your theory that after enough time, anything can be a hotel lounge theme.
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50 Bowery and The Crown
50 Bowery
(Between Canal and Bayard)
New York, NY, 10013


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