A Napa Destination From Two Impressive Wine Veterans

Careful: You May Learn Something

By Joe Starkey ·
Photo: Michael David Rose Photography

There's good news and bad news today.

First, the bad news: it looks like you'll need to drive to Napa.

And now, the good news: it looks like you'll need to drive to Napa.

Because you've really got to see Compline Wine Bar, Restaurant and Merchant, the love child of a former Charlie Trotter wine director and a French Laundry alum/Master Sommelier, now open and looking exactly like this.

You'll enter through the wine shop, making notes for later about the 100+ bottles priced between $9-$35. Then make your way past the bar and through a fourteen-foot glass airplane hanger door to the outdoor patio. Because you don't get to do that often enough.

While soaking in the Napa sun, you'll pick something from the 300+ bottle list, procuring advice on what pairs best with this menu overseen by a Spago alum. Will your Cab go better with the flank steak or the salt-crusted whole fish? Of course, you know already. You're just getting into the spirit of things.

But if you do seek greater knowledge, this place will have a Master Sommelier teach classes on Napa wine here starting in October.

It'd be pretty weird if he was teaching AP Bio.

Joe Starkey

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