Behold, the World's First Fully Electric Luxury Yacht

It's Name Is Dasher, and It's Coming to a Body of Water Near You

By Sam Eichner ·

Those looking for a luxury yacht that’s both stylish and environmentally-friendly can halt their search: the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht, Dasher, was revealed yesterday at the Newport International Boat Show. The vessel, which was constructed by Hinckley, a leader in the field for close to a century, is taking reservations now for a Summer 2018 delivery.

In addition to being gas-free, Dasher promises to be one of the most high-tech boats afloat. The folks at Hinckley built this thing with super lightweight composite artisanal teak, and used 3D printing to design a console in shapes unachievable by traditional construction methods. Powered by twin, 80hp electric motors and dual BMW lithium ion batteries, the Dasher silently cruises at 10mph, and is capable of going up to 25mph. On a single, full charge, which takes just four hours at a docking station, the boat has the capacity to travel 40 miles at cruising speed. 

Plus, you never need to buy gas. So that’s a win.

Sam Eichner

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