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All the Menswear-Related Discounts Fit to Print

By Sam Eichner ·
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Because it’s Friday, and fall is just around the corner, and you could always use some cool new articles of clothing, we’ve done you the small service of rounding up this weekend’s best menswear sales.

We’ve also zeroed in on the most stylish steal from each. That’s just the kind of guys we are.

The Frye Company
The Deal: Up to 70% off all manners of comely fall footwear, with the code "25OFF" at checkout.
The Steal: The Jones Chukka, $134.25, ($328).

Tommy Hilfiger
The Deal: 30% off all the plaid necessities you'll require for the season ahead, with the code "CHECKMATE" at checkout.
The StealWe're partial to this vintage-inspired brushed cotton number, $69.65 ($99.50).

The Deal: Up to 50% off casual, yet dapper essentials from our fashionable friends across the pond. Apparently, they still think it's Labor Day Weekend over there.
The Steal: Mid gray textured skinny fit suit jacket, $84 ($280). Yes, it seems this is more than 50% off. Shhh.

J. Press
The Deal: 
You've got an online warehouse sale (that runs through tomorrow) on your hands, meaning some nice fall formalwear is up for grabs at up to 70% off.
The Steal: Quilted olive jacket, $70 ($350).

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