Jared Leto's Wall Street Journal Cover Is Making Us Feel All Kinds of Weird

Take a Look and Read UD Editors' First Reactions


The Wall Street Journal just released a photo of the cover for its forthcoming Men's Style issue, featuring a predictably Gucci-clad Jared Leto basking in the glow of a divine light. It's pretty wild.


Naturally, the editors at UD were variably frightened, suspect, aroused and in awe of the photo. Here were their first reactions, in no particular order:

"Jared and the Amazing Technicolor Douchecoat."

"I feel like this is the first step in me being initiated into a New Age cult where all the girls sleep with Jared Leto while all the guys scavenge garbage dumps for food. And I'm kind of okay with that."

"Crazy how prescient Zoolander was from a fashion standpoint."

"I'd like to think that, just off-camera, there's a long line of people waiting for him to sign their DVD copies of Panic Room."

"I imagine some high-falutin Gucci designer stole a blanket from some old lady's house, told Jared Leto to disrobe and wrapped him up in it, and now that old lady's is like wtf are Jared Leto's underthings doing touching my blanket."

"'Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.'"

"Can't believe the messiah rose from the dead and gave the exclusive to WSJ. But hey, that's the messiah for you!"

"He must be preparing for an upcoming role as an Elizabethan-era dinner bell."

You know the Wall Street Journal is confused when it's both sympathetic to Trump and in staunch support of highly androgynous menswear."

"Please let a giant disembodied hand emerge from that sun flare, pick him up and plop him on top of a Christmas tree."

"I refuse to believe this was not shot by Jared Leto using the self-timer."

"2017: The Year the Ron-Silver-in-Drag-Look Stormed America."

"This is definitely the gayest drug deal of all time."

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