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By Ilana Dadras ·
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You're seated in a booth at The Lately, knee deep in a heated game of Battleship. Just a beer slushie and a few thoughtfully placed boats between you and an attractive someone who shares your love of vaguely cabin-like bars. 

You look up. What's that? A blue light. It beckons. 

You approach it: slowly, cautiously. You swing open the door over which it hangs, and up a sweeping curved staircase you go, two steps at a time. You emerge into a space that looks strangely like No. 8, because it used to be No. 8, but you don't know that yet. 

Wow, this is a particularly chic and '70s-esque lounge, you think, noting the pale pink couches, curved banquettes, and mod lighting. "Where am I?" You ask, to no one in particular. Not a soul looks your way.

And then you recall this article, in which you first heard about Blue Light, a handsome new place for mellow times of drink, opening Saturday in the Meatpacking District, not coincidentally in the heart of fashion week. You go downstairs to retrieve your date. Maybe make note to get your memory checked out. 

Moving on to your must-knows about this place: your beverages here are top-fucking-notch, courtesy of Grant Wheeler, who you may know from The Garret or, sure, The Lately. They've got simple names, way less elaborate and pun-ny than what we're used to these days, and thank God. There's one for each color of the rainbow. Good to know going in. So if you want a clementine-mezcal-vanilla-all spice beverage, ask for the Orange One. If you're feeling something with rum, French Gentian, pineapple and saffron, ask for the Yellow One. If you'd like to know what other colored drinks entail, check their menu out right here. Bottle service is also done right, with decanted pours of liquor and house-made cordials and bottles of pineapple-tarragon, orange-thai-basil, and watermelon-beet juice. A step above the vodka-crans of yesteryear, indeed. 

We'll now suggest you have a look around, and we'll see you out there.

Ilana Dadras

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