Rooftop Cocktails and Milk Baths in Your Hanoi Hotel

Lakeside Grandeur in the Old Quarter

By Sarah Freeman ·
You think you know Hanoi.

Buzzing swarms of motorbikes.

Narrow Old Quarter alleys overflowing with flowers and grilled pork for sale.

You. On a roof. Toasting these things behind a spicy cocktail.

You're getting visions of La Siesta Central, a new Hanoi hotel that's in the Old Quarter but has a decidedly modern appeal. It's now open, looking like this.

It's a stately place of black-and-white tile floors and art deco elevators capped by a rooftop bar. First you'll become familiar with your junior suite, and all its views of Hoàn Kiếm Lake. Unless you've opted for the La Siesta suite, with its private balcony overlooking the city. Decisions, decisions.

Luckily, your next move is a no-brainer. It's straight to that rooftop bar, where Parisian café vibes reveal a pretty decent setting for your spicy mandarin cocktail, aptly named Welcome to the Sky. If you're looking for more traditional, less liquid nourishment, Red Bean Restaurant serves wok-fried beef in black pepper sauce and violet sticky rice.

Now seems like a good time to step outside and enjoy some ancient temples or something. Too bad the masseuses at La Siesta Spa are so eager to bathe you in fresh milk.

Eh, the temples aren't going anywhere.
Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman is often accused of hiding secrets in her hair. She can make any cocktail, as long as that cocktail is a rye Old Fashioned, and has never met a saison she didn’t like.

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