Here's What the Streets of New York Have to Say

A Look Inside Amon Focus's New Pocket-Sized Photography Book

By Ilana Dadras ·
Now, for a little something to place on or around your coffee table.

Or wherever it is you keep small books of social and politically-charged artwork.

It's called New York Said Volume Three, and it's a pocket-sized tome of photography by Queens-born artist Amon Focus capturing words found on the streets of our city. 

The book is the third in a series that urges readers to pay more attention to the unspoken and often overlooked words and phrases found all over New York: on billboards and murals, sure. But also scribbled on subway walls, spray painted on bridges, scrawled in chalk on park floors. Turns out, if you're looking, there's a lot to see. 

You'll find a lot of social and politically-charged commentary in this edition, which isn't shocking in the slightest, given our current political climate. Spotted in Soho: a leather jacket with the familiar words "Abuse of power comes as no surprise" artfully painted across the back. Captured in Queens, a mural that asks no one, "U.S.A., why you always lyin'?" Painted on a Bushwick brick wall, the words "The only thing you can control is the need to feel control." In other places, other things.

Check it out here, and see for yourself. Then consider your thoughts provoked. 
Ilana Dadras

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