The 7 (Food) Things You’ll Want to Consume at Panorama

And Their Proper Musical Pairings

By Ilana Dadras ·
E3794b50ef76ca48b51bd2281b3ff6567 PhotosThe 7 (Food) Things You’ll Want to Consume at Panorama
With Frank Ocean, A Tribe Called Quest, and Tame Impala on the bill, you’ll have to agree the Panorama lineup is well worth heading to Randall’s Island for.

The festival’s culinary lineup is also pretty righteous. With spots like Salvation Taco and Trapizzino setting up shop for the weekend, and Charlie Bird/Pasquale Jones slinging drinks, you’ll be happily subsisting on more than just beer and arepas.

Now, since it’s Friday, and this seemed like a good idea at the time, let’s talk about the best sustenance Panorama has to offer, plus the music to pair with them.

The type of food-music pairings that are more generally amusing than actually useful, but hey.

Let’s get in there.

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