You Need Hip Plants as a 2017 New Yorker

Here Are 5 Unexpected Places to Acquire Them

By Ilana Dadras ·
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A greenhouse hidden in an LES alleyway.

Hanging above racks of vintage flannels.

Staring us in the face as we walk into our new favorite hotel.

In mood-lit hallways on our way to eat shortrib.

We’re finding, more often than not, in situations when we least expect to be confronted by a succulent, we are at once confronted with an array of cacti and other assorted greenery for purchase. It’s become a trend. And as a modern New Yorker with taste and discernment, you really do need some plants. And plant stores are boring. And so, you’ll find acquiring plants in a place where you’re probably also going to do other things more interesting than acquiring plants is really the way to go.

Which is all to say, check out this slideshow.

It’s where you’ll find said places we’ve come across recently and thought, “Oh, shit. Plants? ” and then picked up one for our apartment and felt weirdly satisfied by the unexpected surge of nature in our lives.

*All at once, we realize how long we’ve been living in New York.*
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